The NFL Is Not Giving PED Passes To Kickers

Dont think the NFL is just drug testing guys at the power and skill positions. Pittsburgh Steelers kicker Chris Boswell’s golden limb has seemed to put him on NFL radars.

Boswell was randomly targeted by the league to undergo a drug test after he went Morten Andersen nuts, nailing six field goals against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, accounting for 18 of Pittsburghs 24 points in a Steelers win.

He got the word from the league to report in shocking fashion. If you came back to your locker and saw this, even if you weren’t doing any type of drugs, which Boswell obviously wasn’t, you might be a little shook up or even insulted. 

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Bowell put this picture on his Twitter account with a tweet that read: 

If I’m on steroids than I definitely need a refund cuz I got the wrong juice Chris Boswell (@WizardOfBoz09) December 21, 2016

Boswell flushed three formidable 49-yard field goals and added three more of 45 yards, 40 yards, and 30 yards. If that wasnt enough Boswell also recorded a tackle on special teams.

Cant have your kicker looking like an all-out football beast AND dominating the game offensively. The NFL offices are sure to call. Despite what the NFL says, its ironic that Boswell got tabbed for testing after the best game of his career.

He isnt the only “superstar” kicker to get drug tested on a humble this season. 

Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee has been a favorite target of random NFL drug tests throughout his eight-year career, including one issued right after the two-time Pro Bowler booted a 67-yard punt against the Buffalo Bills during the preseason.

In baseball its the pitchers and I guess in football its the kickers that fans and media often overlook when contemplating potential PED users.  I doubt most folks would care if they knew the kicker was juicing anyway. 

Like…C’mon dawg…we talking about the kicker. Not a quarterback. A kicker.   

The NFL, however, isnt sleeping on anybody The performance and consistency and strength of NFL kickers has improved over the years and the NFL is obviously keeping an eye out for any faceless kicker who thinks hes going to juice his way to immortality.

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