The New York Knicks Shot Like Plaxico Burress

The New York Knicks got whooped by the Indiana Pacers in Game 4, losing 93-82 after a woeful shooting performance and an allergy to rebounding. For the third game in the series, the Pacers had a double-digit edge on the glass. JR Smith and Carmelo were awful from the field, shooting a combined 16-45. On the other hand, George Hill led all scorers with 26 and Paul George was three assists away from a triple-double. They were phenomenal and their stifling defense limited the Knicks to 35 percent shooting on the night. 

The Knicks have been exposed during this series. They sturggle to get rebounds and their defense is subpar. When they can hit jump shots, they don't have much chance against a good defense, and the Pacers had the best D in the league during the regular season. This unit has been criticised for being selfish all year long. The critics have proven correct, despite claims all season from the Knicks that they would be proven wrong. 

New York has big questions ahead of them, starting with getting past the Pacers' defense. That question looks impossible to answer at the moment, meaning bigger questions about the Knicks' roster will soon follow.