The New York Giants Reportedly Raise OBJ’s Trade Value

Its amazing how fast a rumor turns into a hot scoop. Two weeks ago, Giants fans were looking forward to having their best player back on the field this season after he played just four games in a murderous 3-13 campaign. 

Now Giants fans are shaking in their boots as open and public discussions of the team trading Odell Beckham Jr. are being conducted by the team and media. 

The possibility of OBJ getting traded is becoming more tangible these days as reports say the Giants asking price for the Pro Bowl receiver is at least two first-round draft picks. Giants owner John Mara continues to say that Odell is not on the trade block. We’re not shopping him.

But there’s a good chance some team will back up the Brink’s truck for this guy if the Giants want to play hardball with contract negotiations. 

Niners Nation on Twitter

The Giants reportedly want two first round picks for Odell Beckham Jr. Yes/No would you give up the 49ers first round picks this year and next year for him?

Common sense tells you the Giants want to keep OBJ. At the same time, his threat to holdout if he doesn’t get the paper he craves, has forced the Giants to consider the possibility of life without the blonde bombshell. Some fans feel like OBJ has been a manageable headache, but since he secured his future with a huge Nike deal he has acted out more and is unwilling to be the kind of leader that the Giants need the cornerstone for their franchise to be Super Bowl caliber. 

So if they can use his recent hotel mishap in negotiations with a guy who wants to break wide receiver salary records by commanding $20 million, they wont hesitate to draw the process out until they make him submit to a figure the team wants to pay. 

GiantsWFAN on Twitter

John Mara statement today on #Beckham: “He’s not on the block. Is that going to stop clubs from possibly calling us? No. But he is not on the block. We’re not shopping him around… Do I want him to be traded? Absolutely not. I want him to be a Giant.

The Rams are the team that experts say truly desire Odell Beckham Jr. and have the assets to offer the Giants an elite defensive tackle Aaron Donald and some picks. 

Everything is speculation at this point, but the Giants seem prepared to trade OBJ if they can fleece another squad in the process.  

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