The Great Debate: Was Geno Smith’s Bro Butt Grab Too Much Celebration Sauce?

Geno Smith was thrilled to rain on Russell Wilson’s homecoming parade on “Monday Night Football” when he and the Seattle Seahawks defeated the Denver Broncos 17-16. After the final kneel to finish the game, Geno hugged his teammate, Marquise Goodwin. Still, instead of the customary celebratory embrace, Smith grabbed Goodwin’s rear end, sending social media into a frenzy.

The motion was not the typical butt pat ubiquitous across many sports. No, this was a full-on grab that made no sense at the moment except that the significance of the win was so crucial that Smith just went for it.

Goodwin, who caught both of his targets for 22 yards in Monday’s win, finished third among Seahawks wide receivers with 28 offensive snaps. If he remains healthy, Goodwin is capable of making the big plays barring a more conservative passing game with Geno Smith as the gunslinger. With big-game talents like Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf, Goodwin is in good company and off to a good start this season.

Goodwin and others in Seahawks nation also did unique celebrations to signal their entrance back into fans’ collective consciousness on a national scale. Goodwin executed a backflip during the Seahawks’ victory formation and then followed it up with another one after Denver called a timeout in an attempt to delay their loss.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll did jumping jacks on the sideline and finished with a winner’s stroll into the locker room, reportedly raising both hands in victory to his cheering squad.

Richard Sherman compounded on the petty, tweeting a cryptic smiling and affirmational head-nodding Jack Nicholson gif with the words “YES YES YES YES YES” emblazoned across the bottom. The former Legion of Boomer was indeed pleased.

“He’s had it in him the whole time,” Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf said about his QB postgame. “He just hasn’t had the perfect opportunity for him to go out there and showcase what he’s able to do when he’s in full control of a football team or an offense.”

Smith started the game with 13 straight completions and ended the first half going 17-for-18, giving Seattle a four-point lead into halftime. The short game was a key factor and Smith’s exuberance was palpable before a sold-out crowd of 68,965 at Lumen Field.

“When you go against these teams that try to take away the explosive plays, you gotta throw it short, you gotta be able to do whatever it is they give you,” receiver Tyler Lockett said after the game.

For the Seahawks, the world is just getting a glimpse of what they feel is the gospel, that they are genuine contenders without Russell Wilson.

‘They Wrote Me Off, I Ain’t Write Back Though’| Seahawks QB Geno Smith Spoils Russell Wilson’s Homecoming

“On the outside looking in, it looks like we’re rebuilding or we’re laying down or whatever, but I don’t do that, I don’t think like that,” said safety Josh Jones. “I go out there like we trying to win every one of them,” Jones said. “It’s hard to win in this league, so when you can get an opportunity, you gotta fight, you gotta scratch, you gotta claw and you gotta go out there with a winner’s mentality. Nobody in this locker room has a loser’s mentality. Nobody.”

So Geno Smith went a little overboard with his celebration, but with the world seemingly counting out him and his squad, he got a little handsy on the way out of the game.

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