The Final 0.2 Seconds of Nets vs. Spurs Encapsulates Brooklyn’s Season

This actually occurred on Tuesday, but while most of you were waking up this morning, you probably missed the bizarre ending to the Brooklyn Nets' 21-point loss to San Antonio last week. The Nets are searching for an escape from this Titanic of a season. On Tuesday night, they left the court with 0.2 of a second left on the clock to prep for their New Years Eve celebrations. 

However, a captain must go down with the ship and the band must play on under NBA regulations. The Nets needed at least two players on the court for a legal inbounds. Rather than spill a drink and stall, Kidd was forced to call a 20-second timeout after a lengthy delay. It would have been comical if it wasn't so sad. With no 21-point play to be found, the clock ran out and this video lives on in YouTube archives as a tribute to Brooklyn's bungled season.