The Eagles Pack Their Backfield, Signing Demarco Murray And Ryan Mathews

Chip Kelly continues to make moves and baffle and surprise the NFL and it’s fans.

Today the Eagles announced the signing of both Demarco Murray and Ryan Mathews, who now join veteran Darren Sproles in the City of Brotherly Love. After trading LeSean McCoy, setting off a wave of confusion, Kelly now signs the League’s leading rusher and a talented player that never lived up to expectations due to injuries.

Murray signed a five-year deal worth $42 million, with $21 million guaranteed. Mathews signed a three-year deal worth $11.5 million, with $5 million guaranteed.

Strange that in a league that has shifted to putting a premium on receivers that the Eagles decided to go with the ground game; although Sproles and Matthews are great receivers out of the backfield.

Players expressed their thoughts through Twitter:

Seems like Running Back U, the Pro version, has moved to Philadelphia.

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