The Dime, Week 13: Giants Are No Longer NFC East Turkeys

  1. Thanksgiving Day Football – You can’t have one without the other, turkey and football on Thanksgiving. The NFL has blessed us with three games this year with the Packers vs. Lions, Raiders vs. Cowboys and Steelers vs. Ravens. None of these games excite me. It’s easy for the NBA to get it right with their Christmas Day lineup of games, but with the parity in the NFL it’s always a crapshoot to predict which teams are going to be good and which teams will not.


  1. Brandon Weeden starting at QBThis guy is starting again? At this point, I don’t blame any Cleveland Browns' player for their poor performance. It’s an organizational issue at this point. If the Bengals can turn it around the Browns should be able too right?


  1. Butt Fumble – Happy 1st birthday to the Butt Fumble.


  1. H-Town Conspiracy – I don’t think the Texans intentionally planned on tanking the season, but after their loss to the 49ers, I was convinced they stopped trying. I know I sound like a crazy message board geek, but it’s hard for me to believe that a team that went to the playoffs last season is playing this bad this year. Tankin’ for Teddy in 2013, I believe it. Bridgewater did say he looked up to Vince Young as a kid and would have played for Texas had they recruited him.


  1. How the Bears play – The Monsters of the Midway have dropped two of their last three games. With the Carolina Panthers and San Francisco 49ers looking like the clear locks for the NFC Wild card playoff spots, the Bears need to win the division to get in the playoffs.


  1. How Nick Foles plays at home – Foles was announced the starting QB for the rest of the season earlier this week. He’s a better QB on the road than he is at home. It’ll be interesting to see how he plays at home versus the Cardinals defense this weekend.


  1. Tavon Awesome – Can he keep it up? After a slow start, the rookie has been on a tear. He’s had four touchdowns for over 50 yards in two weeks.


  1. Who are the Kansas City Chiefs – The Chiefs were the hottest team in the NFL a few weeks ago, but their competition is weak. They’ve lost two games since they’ve started playing the big boys. They have a rematch set with the Broncos.


  1. Robert Griffin III needs help – No really, he needs help up off the ground.


  1. Game of the Week – The Saints vs. Seahawks will easily be the game of the week on Sunday. The last time the Saints went to Seattle this happened.