The Dime: Week 11

Andrew No Luck – There's no luck about it. This kid is just gifted. The Colts were dead in the water on the road facing the Titans. Luck did what he did best and led his team to a come from behind victory. 

Dave and Busters – The Jets didn't lose because Rex Ryan took them to Dave and Busters. But as my mother always said, everything that's permissible isn't always beneficial. Sure, the Jets can go to Dave and Busters, but that time could have been better used in the film room. 

Joe Haden – Darrelle Revis has the repuation and Richard Sherman won't shut up, but Joe Haden deserves to be in the conversation of best cornerback in the league

Mike Smith – Would you have guessed that Mike Smith's job would be on the line coming into this season? His team just got waxed by Greg Schiano's Buccaneers. 

Brees Hit – Yes, Ahmad Brooks was robbed. He hit Brees in the chest. The issue is this, players are moving at 20 mph and everything is happening very fast. Officials are human and they're going to make mistakes. It  just sucks that this one particular mistake costed the 49ers the game. 

Steelers jerseys – Can they stop wearing these ugly ass jerseys? 

Andre JohnsonIf the quietest WR in the NFL is arguing with his QB, then it's time for that QB to go. I've defended Matt Schaub for as long as I can. 

Alex SmithSport Illustrated's Doug Farrar was right about Smith. He's got to be able to throw the ball down the field. 

Cam NewtonHe's balling. More importantly, he's not turning the ball over. 

Pass interference – It was a bad call, but that's not why the Patriots lost. When you give up 8/11 3rd down conversions and you turn the ball over in the red zone you're probalby going to lose.