The Cleveland Browns Are Even Worse At Tanking

Did you see those Cleveland Browns fans after their win over the Vikings? They were celebrating. I'm not sure what that's all about. So caught up in the euphoria of their first win, that they don't even realize it may have been a pyrrhic one.

Trent Richardson’s replacements only gained 49 yards on 14 carries. With that said, the Browns need to give this more effort. Word is they're trying to dump Josh Gordon in a trade and are looking at Arian Foster's spotter, Ben Tate, as a possible addition in the offseason. They better move Gordon quick. In his first game back from a two-game suspension, he racked in 10 catches for 146 yards. I can see why management would want to unload their 22-year-old wide out.

Tight end Jordan Cameron will be a nice target for his future quarterback to utilize. That quarterback wasn't supposed to be Brian Hoyer though. The Browns started him over Jason Campbell presumably because he gave them a better chance to lose. Instead he led them to a 24-17 first half lead. Rob Chudzinski low-key tried to save face by having Spencer Lanning take a redzone snap. Is he their fourth-string quarterback you ask? No, he's their punter and on a fake field goal attempt, he lobbed a pass to the waiting Cameron who beat Minnesota safety Jamarca Sanford into the end zone.

They'll never be in position to draft Teddy Brownswater if they start staging riveting finishes like this regularly. Sure, Johnny Manziel may be there for the picking, but Manziel is a risk. The Browns should have had enough of the leaps of faith. Bridgewater is as much of a sure thing as there is. He and Manziel are as good as gone and UCLA's Brett Hundley may decide to return for his redshirt junior season.

The Browns aren't finishing ahead of the Cincinnati Bengals, Pittsburgh Steelers or the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC North. They're adversaries in the NFL's race to the bottom are the Jacksonville Jaguars, Oakland Raiders, Tampa Bay Bucs and now the Minnesota Vikings. Sometimes aiming for rock bottom is the only way to bounce back.

Fortunately, the Browns face the Bengals in Week 4. Enjoy your moment Browns fans. With any luck, you won't regret it later. I'm cheering for you, sort of.