The Celts-Clippers Trade Isn’t Likely To Get Approved By The NBA

The on-again off-again trade between the Boston Celtics and LA Clippers involving Doc Rivers, KG, DeAndre Jordan and draft picks finally appears to have worked itself out, at least between the two teams. The NBA league office, however, isn't likely to approve the trade because of a technicality that prohibits package deals or trades with contingencies. 

The Clippers may instead try to sign Rivers separately and work out the trade on the side. But that isn't going to work on David Stern. He called into Stephen A. Smith's radio show to explain.

"If you think those [deals], at this point having been all over the media for the last week, are separate transactions, when you get back from Miami, Stephen A., I have a bridge that I would very much enjoy selling to you."

Chris Paul must be thrilled.