The Brooklyn Nets Think Third Time’s The Charm With KG

The Brooklyn Nets just won't give up on dressing Kevin Garnett in solid black and white Garnett Brooklyn uniforms to sherpa them to a championship summit. Last summer, the Nets pursued Garnett in free agency and leading up to the last trade deadline, Brooklyn was the clear frontrunner among teams frantically looking to acquire Garnett. The answer back in February was "no" from Garnett who holds a no-trade clause in his contract. The Nets interpreted that "no" to mean "maybe."

The Celtics are a sinking ship. Now that the NBA is barring Garnett from joining Doc Rivers in Los Angeles, Nets general manager Billy King is swooping in to reignite inquiries into his availability. However, that would require the Celtics to keep Garnett within the division. I firmly belief that Garnett is so loyal that Minnesota is the only team outside of Boston that he'd play out his career with.

Minnesota is unlikely to make a deal, but they are also reportedly interested in reuniting Garnett with the Twin Cities.

Via New York Daily News:

Multiple sources told the Daily News that the Nets GM inquired about Kevin Garnett's desire to join Deron Williams in Brooklyn, but King didn't get an answer while uncertainty surrounds the Celtics.

As much as the Nets would love Garnett, it's an unlikely pairing given the obstacles. Not only is it still unclear whether he'd agree to join the Nets — which is what King was hoping to figure out — there's also a very high hurdle of negotiating an inter-division trade.


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