The Boondocks Are Heading To HBO Max

The Boondocks will be airing on HBO Max in the fall of 2020 with a new season.

The Fader reports that The Boondocks will return for two seasons—24 episodes total—plus a 50-minute special, which will all be airing on HBO Max in the fall of 2020.

The show’s creator, Aaron McGruder will act as the showrunner on the “reimaged” program. All of the show’s original episodes will be available on a “direct-to-consumer offering,” according to a statement.

The Boondocks was a revolutionary series that sparked conversations on hot button issues and brought dark subjects into the light with episodes like ‘The Trial of Robert Kelly’, ‘The Fundraiser’ and ‘The Story of Gangstalicious’,” Kevin Reilly, Chief Content Officer of HBO Max, said in a statement. “Aaron is a gifted visionary whose unique style of storytelling is a welcome voice and we are elated The Freemans are making their thugnificent comeback on HBO Max.”

McGruder expressed excitement at returning to The Boondocks in his own statement: “There’s a unique opportunity to revisit the world of The Boondocks and do it over again for today. It’s crazy how different the times we live in are now — both politically and culturally — more than a decade past the original series and two decades past the original newspaper comic. There’s a lot to say and it should be fun.”

The Boondocks originally premiered as a newspaper comic strip and was brought to Adult Swim as an animated series in 2005 and ran for four seasons, with the fourth season deemed as the worse and the only season made without McGruder.

Reports say John Witherspoon will return to voice Grandpa Freeman but no word on whether or not Regina King will reprise her roles of Huey and Riley.


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