The Beef Might Already Be Cooking Between Minaj and Mariah on “Idol”

Let me be very clear: If Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj start openly beefing on "American Idol," I will start watching "American Idol." The personalities set up so nicely for constant catfights. Mariah is a known diva and, probably, inherently thinks her opinion about the human voice is infinitely more credible and authoritative than Minaj's. This is warranted. Carey is one of the greatest singers and biggest pop stars of her generation. The problem is that Minaj is, at her core, wonderfully hood and buoyed by a sea of vociferous fans. (Did you check her interview with Funkmaster Flex after her Summer Jam no-show?) Can't see Nicki backing down. I just wish they could really round out this panel and get somebody belligerent to add to the inevitable beef. I'm thinking someone like Bobby Brown. You already know my man Bob would go ballistic every other episode, if he were challenged too much. And when he wasn't going ballistic, he'd be trying to bed his female colleagues. If "Idol" wants to rope-in cats like me — non-viewers that hold the show in contempt — and reverse its consistently declining ratings, I just laid out a can't miss plan.

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