The Andrew Wiggins Hype Machine Took Off All Over Cole Aldrich

Andrew Wiggins' hype was relatively tempered in high school, but based off of his first week as a Kansas Jayhawk, the hype machine is going to be on overload mode this season. Day one of the Wiggins era at Kansas justified the hype, but day two was about raising it to another level. During Wednesday afternoon, the hype around Wiggins became a reality for former Jayhawk All-American and current Sacramento King Cole Aldrich, when the incoming frosh took off Man of Steel-style and threw down a thundering one handed jam in transition.

Wisely, Aldrich didn't attempt to contest the dunk and simply stared upwards like it was the Apollo 11 launch from Cape Canaveral. Yeah, Wiggins is going to be a problem for college basketball's Top 25. After making the first highlight of his embryonic college basketball career, Wiggins followed it up by making his first statement to the media.

Via USA Today:

"I want to win. I want me and my teammates to be the best players that we can be. …and hopefully, win a national championship," Wiggins said. "That's my main goal."

"I know that college is a big step from high school and coming (to Kansas) early (in the summer) would (raise) my chances of being ready. …I just take my life day by day. I just try to stay grounded, keep my circle tight, stay close to my family and friends."

KU coach Bill Self is already worried that Wiggins' "rock star status" might be a little "ridiculous," considering it's only June.

"It's weird to me because we've recruited other good players before, but we haven't recruited anyone with this type of attention," Self said to media members Wednesday. "I kind of feel for him; he's going to have to tell people no. He's gotta be able to be a kid.

"He hasn't even made a basket yet, and the attention he's received is based on potential. I think he should welcome expectations, there's no reason for him to run from them because he's going to have them no matter what."

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