Texas A&M Chancellor Must Know Something Everyone Else Doesn’t

Texas A&M Chancellor John Sharp told the good folks of KBTX in College Station that he'd "seen things that other folks" can't see and swore on Johnny Manziel's innocence in the autographing for money story that's being investigated by the university and NCAA. 

Just to play it safe and to keep the overwhelming pressure off of him, the Aggies are sheltering Manziel from the media until the investigation is complete. But for a high-ranking official to come out and make that kind of statement, it speaks to how confident A&M feels about coming out of this thing unscathed. 

"I know he's innocent," Sharp said. "I know that he didn't do what they accused him of doing."

Clearly, Sharp should have access to information that the rest of us haven't discovered. All he might really know is that there's no way to prove it, which for the Aggies, is just as good as innocence if the kid can play.