Team Kaepernick Claps Back At VP Pence For NFL #Winning Dig

Vice President Mike Pences inability to suppress his racist tendencies may have gotten him into some hot water. Team Kaepernick fired back at Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday for lauding the NFLs decision to ban kneeling during the national anthem. This isn’t the first time Pence has shown his disgust for Kapernick and the NFL anthem expressions. 

Back in October of 2017, he walked out of a Colts game after one play in protest over the kneeling of players during the National Anthem, following the lead given to him by his boss, Donald Trump.
Mr. Pence responded to the Wednesday’s secret vote at the annual NFL owners spring meeting by tweeting #Winning, prompting free-agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick to retweet a legal citation posted by his attorney, Mark Geragos, who added, Winning!

Mark Geragos on Twitter


Mr. Geragos posted a section of the federal code from the Legal Information Institute prohibiting federal elected officials, including the president and vice president, from attempting to influence the hiring decisions of private employers on partisan grounds.

Morgan J. Freeman on Twitter

This guy would buy a slave if they’d let him.

Pences response gives us a clear understanding of the intentions of the Trump administration  by taking this fake position and pushing a false narrative that kneeling is unpatriotic. Its to create and maintain racial, political and philosophical divisions as a smokescreen for all of the unethical and questionable objectives the Trump administration is trying to accomplish. 

Most likely nothing will come of Pences Tweet, but that won’t change the fact that he blew his finesse and didnt even care. He wants everyone to know who he is and what hes about and people in power with postures like that are the reason why players kneel in the first place. 

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