T.I. To Candace Owens : When Was America Great?

Over the weekend at the Revolt TV Summit rapper T.I. asked known MAGA supporter Candace Owens, when was America actually great?

The panel which included political commentator Jeff Johnson, rapper Killer Mike and others, were discussing why the President’s slogan is viewed as racist amongst the black community and things escalated expeditiously.

Johnson stated Trump has fueled fear into poor whites convincing them that their enemy is poor blacks—to which Owens asked when Trump said that verbatim. Johnson suggested that Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again” in and of itself was a sign of that fear-mongering.


T.I. intervened and things went left… quick.

The Atlanta rapper firmly asked Candace what period in American history is Trump referring to—offering examples such when women couldn’t vote or when blacks were being lynched.

Candace suggested Trump was referring back to the Reagan years when the then-presidential hopeful said something to the same effect while on the campaign trail. T.I., however, had his own view of the 80s … calling it the crack era. He kept pressing, and Candace ultimately wasn’t able to get out a straight answer to his initial question.

The conservative commentator’s biggest mistake of the night was seemingly suggesting, that America was one of the first countries to free its slaves–false, in fact, it was one of the last.

And referencing that slavery was happening all over the world to which the crowd began to boo her—not something you should say to a crowd that is predominately African American.

T.I. quickly shut down Owens as she tried to get to the point, stating that her beginning premise was bullshit–fact.

Candance should’ve known that blacks supporting Trump is a lose-lose situation and any efforts to defend such a stance will more than likely always be met with dismissal from the black community.

Former reality television show participant Omarosa met a similar fate when she went from being ‘fired’ on Trump’s reality show The Apprentice, to getting real-life fired as his political aid back in February of 2018 and not a single tear was shed. Omarosa’s firing was a result of her abusing the White House car service and holding a post-wedding photoshoot with her and 39 of her guests–even as a republican, blacks still don’t get special treatment.

Revolt TV plans to bring its summit to L.A. next month and if the black conservatives stay home or at least stay quiet, things might run a lot smoother.

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