Swae Lee Leads New Generation of Rap-Gamer Entrepreneurship

The rap side of the music business has always been about cultural convergence.

That ethos has collided uniquely with the gaming world as artists are becoming a new part of the burgeoning business.

Swae Lee, one half of the group Rae Sremmurd, is the first rap artist to join e-sports organization XSET. According to Rolling Stone, the rapper has invested an undisclosed amount of money to create content and help grow XSET’s brand.

Lee previously was an investor in FaZe Clan, a fast-growing e-sports organization. FaZe Clan was an early adopter of the music symbiosis with artists like Offset and Pitbull joining music industry executives like Jimmy Iovine and Sylvia Rhone.

“I always wanted to be on what’s next” , Lee said to Rolling Stone. “There’s a network of people like myself who want to bring simple access for fans,” Lee says, explaining his rationale for putting cash into the new company.

“XSET, FaZe, they have fans who like to to the same things I like to do, sit at home on a game and be lazy. I want to help make a huge network for all the kids to enjoy gaming, talk about life, talk smack to each other, get merch and have first-person access to rappers.”

Artist Travis Scott had a ground-breaking concert on the popular video game Fortnite. The immersive experience blended Scott’s live music with otherworldly imagery to create a unique digital universe for the end user.

Since then, Justin Bieber, J Balvin and the Weeknd made up a recent star-studded investment round for Wave, an animated concert producer.

DJ and record producer, Clinton Sparks, was a key figure in recruiting Swae Lee for XSET as the new company’s chief business development officer. He also aided in get Offset of the Migos to join FaZe in 2019.

XSET are now working on closing more deals with artists, music companies and athletes to spearhead the cultural convergence revolution.


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