Students Take A Knee Before Singing National Anthem At Safeco Field

As children across the country marched to protest about race and gun control in America, it occurred to me that most of our nations greatest leaders accomplished their most notable works before the age of 25. Indeed, to simply dismiss their deeds as those of kids is disingenuous at best.

Ryan S. Clark on Twitter

Here at Safeco Field where an elementary school sung the anthem and two students took a knee while performing.

On Sunday, veteran reporter Ryan Clark took to Twitter to give a shout out to two elementary school students who took a knee prior to their scheduled rendition of the national anthem at Safeco Field prior to a Seattle Mariners game. 

As far as contemporaneous protest actions in pro sports, Major League Baseball hasnt seen anything compared to what the NBA or even the NFL has witnessed over the past three seasons. As the saying goes And a child will lead them. 

 At no time has that been more relevant than today.

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