Stephon Marbury almost had it nailed. He went to China and found the ultimate stardom he always craved as a dynamic but embattled NBA player. His soul was cleansed and he matured as a man. Long before he cleansed his soul in the Middle East, his Starbury sneakers were proof of his understanding of a celebrity’s social responsibility to the less fortunate. China was a better fit for Marbury than the NBA ever was. He learned about humility and how being a great teammate can be a player’s most cherished and lauded skill. He learned how to be a champion. He was just at NYU lecturing and dropping jewels on college students in August. 

Still, all of that wasn’t enough. Marbury sent a Tweet out that has the entire NBA world wondering if they might see him back on an NBA court in 2018. 

I AM PEACE STAR on Twitter

It's time to combine. My next move is the best move. Working on the come back to the #nba

If Marbury is attempting a comeback, there are pros and cons to his situation. He’s 40, but he’s in incredible shape having changed his physical diet and improved his mental fortitude. Keeping up with the young bucks of the league wouldn’t be easy for a man who has surely lost a step or two in the past two decades. 

There isn’t a cat that was drafted with Marbury in ‘96 that is still an active NBA player. 

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While all of his draft class batchmates (class of 96) are now all retired, Stephon Marbury wants to make an NBA comeback.

He may not even get a tryout, but it’s obvious that after all that he’s accomplished overseas, he longs for one last chance to leave the NBA on his terms and with a better legacy left behind.