“Stop Playing Wit Me…I’m Not The One” | Antonio Brown Exposes Influencer, But Is It Too Much?

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It’s a fair assessment to say that Antonio Brown can be messy. Whether a self-inflicted dramatist or a victim of opportunity by the public, Brown’s incident rate is pretty reliable.

Last weekend, Brown revealed an issue with Cydney Christine, a music producer/model.

AB posted a photo of himself in bed with Christine to his Instagram Story, and that’s when the drama came.

Apparently, Christine didn’t like being outed on his ’Gram, and the two had a disagreement in an alleged DM conversation resulting in AB threatening to “expose” her unless she repaid $5,000 to him.

Antonio Brown IG Story screen shot

Breaking Bad

The exchange showcased what amounted to a privacy violation.

Antonio Brown IG Story Screen shot

On the picture, Brown posted a cat emoji with the word “Dead. Stop Playing Wit Me” and what looks to be a derogatory statement that is partially blurred “@cydneychristine got the ***** on bc.”

AB continued with a screenshot of their DM posting over the top of the image, “Hoes Be Cappin Playin Victim. I’m Not The One.”

“Please don’t do that to me,” Christine said in the alleged convo to Brown.

“I’m really sorry,” Christine allegedly continued. “I just don’t like the way you were talking to me. This isn’t gonna help anything. What can I do to fix it?”

Point Of No Return

That’s when things turned left.

“Send my money b***h. $5k or u be exposed,” AB said directly.

“I will. What’s your PayPal,” Christine allegedly responded.

“Hoe u know stop playing wit me b***h ima show you This time,” Brown allegedly threatened.

“Ok I’m trying to send it back to you,” Christine allegedly responded.

Brown posted “Pay me what u owe @Cab.Records”

A History Of Recklessness

It is the latest in a continuing pattern of recklessness with Instagram models-turned-paramours.

Brown had a fling with an OnlyFans model in his New Jersey hotel room the day before his last game as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. Brown allegedly met with Ava Louise, the Instagram “influencer” who went viral for licking a toilet seat.

The two broke COVID-19 protocols to allegedly sneak Louise into Brown’s room, where they allegedly had sex and filmed it for her OnlyFans account.

The DM receipts were on full display in this instance, with Brown and Louise discussing a hook-up.

Bad Impression, Much?

Recently, Brown took to Twitter to make overtures towards the Cleveland Browns. With their acquisition of Deshaun Watson, the free agent wide receiver thinks the middle name of the Cleveland Browns is Antonio.

“Cleveland Antonio Browns,” he tweeted, expressing his not-so-veiled interest in the team. However, with Watson still facing 22 civil cases in his massage sessions scandals, allegations of AB’s private life gone viral is probably not the additional look that the Browns need right now.

Additionally, Brown threw dirt on his former head coach Bruce Arians. Brown felt that Arians didn’t acknowledge a prior injury that precluded Brown from wanting to rejoin the team on the field at MetLife Stadium.

Drama, coupled with AB’s penchant for releasing receipts with his narrative might be a risky bet for “Boomin’,” but it certainly is intriguing like any fast-paced sports entertainment show.

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