Steve Stoute Wins Ad Age’s Executive Of The Year

Steve Stoute has been a major player in the business world since his days at Sony in the early '90s. He took that experience into the marketing world by creating his own company called Translation. His work in partnering with Jay-Z brought the advertising scheme that would introduce the Brooklyn Nets to the world. Now he's been named as Ad Age's Executive of the year

"Entertainment is so sexy that people only pay attention to that," said Mr. Stoute. "But I think our strategy department is the best in the industry. The thinking in our agency never gets the credit it deserves because we have a celebrity. We are first and foremost a strategic and creative shop. And second, we have a Rolodex in entertainment and sports that's unique in the industry."

I can't think of a better way to start black history month than seeing a man like Stoute win such a prestigious award.

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