Steph’s “Curry 2 Low” is the Dylan of Sneakers

In Game 3 of the NBA Finals, Steph Curry looked lost.

Cleveland double teamed him, roughed him up and got all up in his chest en route to a decisive 120 – 90 victory by the Cavs. But while the media was busy analyzing the Warriors’ loss and questioning Steph’s unanimous MVP award, the Internet was busy going in on his new Curry 2 Low sneakers.

Twitter was ablaze with hilarity over the sneakers, the general consensus being that they looked like “old man” sneakers, many feeling that they were made for khaki pants and appropriate for afternoons of bocce ball. In response, the two-time MVP first exacted revenge on the Cavs by dropping 38 points in a game 4 win in Cleveland. Then in the post-game conference, he channeled his inner Dylan (of “Making the Band” fame but portrayed hilariously by Dave Chappelle) and, when responding to a question in regards to his sneakers, said “I definitely would’ve worn them and shown how fire they are.”

While Curry thinks they’re “fire,” it seems that the internet has other feelings and descriptions in mind when it comes to his new set of kicks.

With game 5 on Monday night, and the Warriors without the services of Draymond Green due to his suspension, Curry might want to wait another day to don his new sneakers to the arena just in case; wouldn’t want to have to defend a home loss and his footwear.

But maybe his inner-Dylan will resurface regardless of the game’s outcome and he’ll show the world just how fire the Curry Two Lows are. Either that or he’ll be saying “Get off my lawn!” in his new sneaker commercial….

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