Steph Curry Takes Shot At Charles Barkley’s Golf Struggles | The Petty King Has Been Busy At Work Since Winning Title

The ribbing between Charles Barkley and the Golden State Warriors has turned up with the Dubs winning four championships since the famed “Round Mound of Rebound” said a jump-shooting team would never hoist the Larry O’Brien trophy. 

Reigning NBA Finals MVP Steph Curry didn’t miss the latest opportunity to continue the trend, taking a shot at Chuck during this week’s American Century Championships golf tournament.

Both NBA legends fancy themselves fringe pros as golfers, but Curry seems to have the better game. When asked if Barkley would finish in the top-70 in the tourney, Curry had a hilarious response.

“No, hell no. Clip that, send it to him, let him play it on every tee box. There’s no way he’s doing it. As much faith as Chuck has had in the Warriors and jump-shooting teams winning championships, that’s the least amount of faith I have in him hitting the top 70.”

Steph said he has absolutely no faith in Barkley’s skills on the greens.



Steph has been in petty mode since the Warriors captured their fourth championship in eight seasons. Curry also secured that elusive Finals MVP, the only thing he was missing from his illustrious basketball resume.

Barkley Definitely Fired Back As Only He Could

In typical, Sir Charles fashion, the 1993 NBA MVP responded and even called Curry the third best shooter in his family.

“That’s pretty harsh criticism coming from the third-best shooter in his family,” Barkley quipped. “First, all he’s a flash in the pan. I never thought he’d amount to anything and I’m correct. But he’s the third-best shooter in his family, so he don’t have much room to talk.”



Just two all-time greats poking fun at one another, as both have admiration for one another.

Barkley Trolled The Warriors All Playoffs

When the playoffs began, Barkley didn’t pick the Dubs to win the NBA championship. In fact, he chose the Dallas Mavericks to beat them in the Western Conference Finals. After the Warriors ousted the Mavs in five games, Barkley said he was only trolling their obnoxious fans, and he didn’t believe the Mavs would win the series.



During an appearance on “The Ryen Russillo Podcast,” Barkley had this to say about that situation.

“When you’re an announcer, an analyst, whatever, I’m not sure what the hell I am, to be honest with you,” said Barkley. “You want people to respond to whatever you say. So whether you boo me or cheer me, as long as they … I’m like Roman Reigns. As long as they acknowledge I’m doing my job.”

Steph Curry is a transcendent basketball player, and Barkley is a national treasure. Enjoy them both while we can.

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