“It Was For Mr 1.4 ppg Playing JV As A Junior” | Jalen Rose Social Media Mess Had People Thinking He Was Coming For His “Brother”

ESPN NBA analyst Jalen Rose has never been one to hold his tongue on any topic that may arise on set. The former NBA player and leader of the Michigan Wolverines “Fab Five” has also been known to call out people if he sees fit.

That’s exactly what Rose did in a tweet on Monday when he went after other analysts for using the Dallas Cowboys as a punchline for their daily content.

Many speculated it was in relation to Stephen A. Smith’s daily onslaught against the team he refers to “As The Accident Waiting To Happen.”

Here’s what Rose said in his tweet.

“So glad I didn’t make a career of content pretending to fake troll the Cowboys,” Rose wrote. “Praying on the audience being dumb/lazy and low hanging fruit. No @ needed. Damn near all shows selling clowns like this, like it’s quality content. You da fool.”

But Rose cleared the air in a tweet saying it wasn’t Stephen A. Smith he was referring to.

“Smith is my brother, and this is not accurate. If anything, it was for Mr. 1.4 ppg playing JV as a junior,” Rose wrote.

Rose is referring to none other than FS1’s Skip Bayless, who has a love/hate relationship with the Cowboys. According to Skip, one day they’re going to the Super Bowl, and the next day they’re a sinking ship.

Jalen Rose Is Speaking The Truth

Strong take from Rose, but he’s speaking truth, and the difference between what Smith does and Bayless does is Smith always attacks the Cowboys the same way. But it’s Bayless and his wishy-washy ways that seem to irk Rose.

Bayless Is A Known Cowboys And Dak Prescott Apologist

Over the years, Bayless has raved about Dak Prescott being just what the Cowboys need to reach the pinnacle of the sport again. Each year Bayless brags about how Dak is ready to take the next step only to watch him and the Cowboys fall flat on their faces come playoff time. This season ended the same way it did in 2021-22, with a loss to the Niners in the playoffs. In each loss, Prescott’s costly turnovers were the nail in the coffin. And after each tough loss Bayless switched up and threw Dak under the bus.

This take was a complete 180 from the Skip that praised and defended Prescott all season despite the $160M man leading the league with 15 interceptions in 15 starts.

That’s the inconsistency in Bayless’ takes that Rose is referring to. 

Why Did So Many Just Assume Jalen Rose Was Talking About Smith?

It was easy to just assume Rose was talking about Stephen A. Smith when you consider irrelevant Cowboys banter happens just about every day on “First Take” during football season. But while his act has definitely grown a little stale, Smith keeps the same energy every time the Cowboys falter. Bayless plays the fair-weather fan role but claims to be a lifelong Dallas guy. 

To see Bayless and Shannon Sharpe debate back and forth when you already know how Bayless will end it is almost a joke, and that’s what Rose is speaking of. Jalen feels like selling this kind of reckless sports debate daily is only acceptable because the audience has such low expectations and standards for what they’re viewing.