Snoop Dogg To Ezekiel: “You Have To Put Away Your Childish Ways”

First Take moderator Molly Qerim reported that there are new developments in the NFL vs. Ezekiel Elliott drama and the Cowboys star might not play the entire season after all. 

The judge who granted Elliott’s preliminary injunction sided with the league’s request for an expedited briefing of an emergency stay of the 6-game suspension that Roger Goodell’s office slapped on Zeke for a domestic violence charge that neither the law or the NFL’s appointed special investigator found credible. 

Snoop Dogg, rap legend and new co-host of the rebooted game show classic “The Joker’s Wild,” visited the set of First Take to talk about various hot button sports topics. 

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Qerim asked the Hip Hop legend about his take on the Elliott situation and instead of criticizing the league for underhanded dealings and using Elliot as a scapegoat for domestic violence, Snoop, who says he has matured over the years and is now officially a great person, gave Elliott the business. Just like an uncle smacking his nephew upside the head and dropping some act-right jewels on him. 

“Man,” said Snoop. You gotta understand that when you have that opportunity to make it to the NFL, you have to put away your childish way. And a lot of time in college your childish ways are acceptable. Your coach lets you get away with stuff because it’s for the benefit of the program. But when you get into the NFL, youre playing for owners. Youre playing for a different level of understanding. A different level of money. And the rules don’t bend for nobody 

So when you get to that level it’s your job to make sure you’ve got the right people around you and you are doing things right. So if you are wrongfully accused of something, you can come out clean as a whistle. 

But you shouldnt have any speculation on you while youre going through one (incident) and then another and going through another one which leads the league to feel like, ‘You know what? We need to do some investigating on you.

So what’s Snoops solution to Ezekiel Elliotts propensity for getting into stuff?

“Jerry Jones is a very smart man and once upon a time Dez Bryant was out of control, ” Snoop said. “What Jones did was he put some people around Dez and they reconstructed him so to speak, and now Dez a better leader and locker room person.

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