Snoop Dogg performs “Gin & Juice” for Obama

    What do the Snoop Dogg and Bill O'Reilly have in common? A love for the smooth sounds of Herbie Hancock, for one. Both were on hand at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC to pay their respects to honorees singer/songwriter Billy Joel, jazz/funk innovator Herbie Hancock, actress Shirley MacLaine, opera singer Martina Arroyo and legendary genre-transcending musician Carlos Santana.

    The affair had been hosted by Caroline Kennedy in the past, but her diplomatic duties as Ambassador of Japan prevented her from attending. Instead, actress Glen Close was a more than suitable replacement for the evening. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama were also on hand, seen nodding their heads to Snoop's performance.  Both O'Reilly and Snoop gave props to Herbie Hancock.

    Harry Belafonte was on hand to honor Santana while country singer Garth Brooks performed in honor of Billy Joel.  You know Snoop Dogg wouldn't have even been at the affair had he not had a chance to perform. The formal affair suddenly turned into a hood party as Snoop had society's dignified upper crust swaying to "Gin and Juice."