Skip-The-Truth Bayless Wants A Face-To-Face With Russell Westbrook, Who Takes The Beyoncé Approach To His Hate

If Skip Bayless wants to rename Russell Westbrook in an attempt to discredit his shooting style, then rejoice in the fact that Bayless also has an unofficial nickname to match his in-your-face opinionated delivery: “Skip-The-Truth.”

After criticizing the beleaguered Los Angeles Lakers star every fresh news cycle, Bayless has had a strict media-level war of words with Russell and Nina Westbrook, his wife. Bayless upped the ante and invited Westbrook to the “Undisputed” set on social media to embark on an athleticism debate for the ages.

“Hey, Russell Westbrook (@russwest44) … happy to talk face-to-face about the nickname I believe I originated in 2012. JOIN ME ON TV/PODCAST. Let’s talk about how you’ll make $47 mil next yr after being THE WORST 3-PT SHOOTER IN THE NBA! Most overpaid player ever? PLEASE JOIN ME”

However, Westbrook also took to socials to show how unbothered he is as he basks in the glow of a $47 million final contract option with the Los Angeles Lakers he just exercised.

Driving in his car, Westbrook dropped a video on social media with him repeating the infectious, uplifting chant of the chanteuse, “you won’t break my soul, I’m telling everybody, everybody, everybody.”

Immediately, voices began to chime in on their distrust of Westbrook’s future contributions to the hallowed Southern California franchise. In contrast, others criticized Bayless’ hubris for thinking he could challenge Westbrook’s ability.

Hall of Fame coach Geoge Karl weighed in and came for Skip Bayless in a very familiar way.

“Russell is one of the best players in hoops history. What have you ever been good at @RealSkipBayless?!”

It is reminiscent of Bayless’ two iconic past interviews with Richard Sherman in 2013 and Terrell Owens in 2017.

“Skip, whenever you refer to me, refer to me as All-Pro Stanford graduate because those are things you can aspire to but never accomplish,” Sherman said directly to Bayless during the interview. “You have never accomplished anything. Both things are on my résumé, both things are what I’ve done. You tell me who’s wrong.”

It strikes at the heart of Bayless’ shtick. He’s the eloquent bad guy. If every industry needs a heel, Bayless has decided to embody that even if his physical stature doesn’t strike any fear. He donns all black, gold chains and Jordans like he’s going to roll up on someone verbally on set. All he is missing is Shannon “Shay” Sharpe’s Black & Mild cigar.

Current NBA champion Draymond Green has made it his mission to disrupt the host desk hot take superiority complex with his podcast, “The Draymond Green Show.” Of course, the two are on their own collision course, with Green letting Bayless know he is not welcome on his show. He even gave Skip his own nickname, “Payless.”

“People run off talking and think they don’t have to stand on that. You have to stand on them words, man. Your words mean something,” Green said of Bayless’ “Westbrick” comments. “That’s like my whole thing with this new media. Stand on that, real media. People tired of that old-ass tired stuff yall giving.”

With Westbrook seeming to shrug off the consistent disrespect of his resident hater in the media world, there is another song with a purposeful chorus Wesbrook should stream, “Crown” by Kendrick Lamar:

“I can’t please everybody…”

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