Signing James Harrison Was Another Gangster Move By Bill Belichick

Hes 39-years old, still in control and still the “proof of perseverance.”James Harrison is on his way to a third Super Bowl with a most improbable squad – The New England Patriots.

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It’s been suggested that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are the main reason why Harrison doesnt have more than the two Super Bowls he won with the Pittsburgh Steelers during his illustrious, 16-year NFL career. 

The Steelers-Patriots battles for AFC supremacy have been legendary and hes been a part of the highest times and the lowest of lows. Dating back to 1972, the two teams have met each other 31 times (including 5 postseason games), with the Steelers winning 15 games and New England winning 16.

Harrison has accumulated 84.5 sacks throughout the course of his career with the majority of them coming in his 14 glorious years anchoring a formidable and consistent Steelers defense as a multi-threat, bone crushing outside linebacker.  

The 6-foot assassin with the roughneck business was signed by Pittsburgh as an undrafted free agent out of Kent State in 2002 and parlayed a lions heart into five Pro Bowl selections and two Super Bowl rings. Harrison contemplated retiring after the 2013 season, but returned to ball with the Steelers for a couple more seasons before they unceremoniously released him in December. The Steelers loss was the Patriots gain as Belichick once again displayed his brilliance in scooping up the Pittsburgh legend as a reinforcement for a final Super Bowl run. 

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Harrison has hit the ground running and the chance at another chip has reinvigorated his football spirits. In Pittsburgh, fans and the coaching staff were reportedly growing tired of Harrisons me first attitude. Both sides were ready to part ways. 

With the Patriots, Harrison isnt getting the the sit down old man treatment he got from the Steelers. The locker room energy is crazy too. The Pats get loose after huge wins. 

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Against the Jaguars in the AFC Championship, Harrison played 32 of a possible 74 snaps while recording three tackles and a quarterback hit. For context, Harrison played just 40 snaps through 14 games with the Steelers this year before being released.

Through three games with the Patriots since landing in Foxboro, the linebacker’s logged more than double the snaps (89) and his pass-rushing prowess is still an effective weapon for any team. 

Hes another world class leader with a championship pedigree to help lift the Pats to a sixth Super Bowl win in the franchises last eight tries. 

“It feels good, but like I’ve said before, this is all God’s plan,” Harrison said after the 24-20 Patriots win over Jacksonville. “This is all his doing. I’m just reaping the benefits of it right now.”

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