“She Is Still Married. This Is Ridiculous.”| NY Giants Player Sterling Shepard’s Estranged Wife And His Mother Headed For Nasty Confrontation Over Kids


The off the field lives of many of our favorite athletes can be hectic, because, after all, they’re humans like us. They deal with financial problems (sometimes, and to a lesser degree), mental problems, and just the headaches that come with life.

For Giants wide receiver Sterling Shepard, one of those headaches happens to be family issues, specifically his estranged wife, who is starting a new family. Apparently, Shepard’s mother has something to say about it.

Sterling Shepard has caught 349 passes in his NFL career, but somehow can’t catch a break when it comes to his family and personal life. According to The Neighborhood Talk on Instagram, Shephard’s estranged wife, Chanel Iman, has begun dating a new man. As they are building a family with each other, Iman chose to blend her and Shepard’s kids with her new boyfriend’s kids in a photo that she posted on Instagram.

The caption read “Oop!

Looks like Mama Shepard is not here for Chanel blending her and Sterling’s children with her new man’s kids and commented under Chanel’s picture, saying she’s against it because they are still legally married!

“Chanel and Sterling have been separated since June 2021… Thoughts Neighbors?” she said via Instagram 

As happy as the three children look in the photo, there’s at least one party that isn’t.

Shepard’s mother could be seen replying under someone else’s comment in the picture saying, “She is still married. This is ridiculous. Signed, concerned grandmother.” 

Looks like Shepard’s ex didn’t waste any time moving on from their breakup and has no problem co-existing with another man with kids.


Also, social media hasn’t been quick to jump on grandma’s side as Sterlings past transgressions may have influenced his estranged wife’s current actions.

However, the concerned grandmother is not holding her frustration back and is looking for the slightest bit of respect for her son and his broken family. 

Iman, who is also a professional model, hasn’t responded to those comments yet, and we may not get any comment from her if the family decides to handle this situation privately. Both sides probably agree that it’s best to keep the families out of the spotlight as much as they can.

There haven’t been any comments or responses from Shepard regarding his family’s situation at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that they haven’t connected with each other as loving co-parents to discuss the situation and come to a peaceful resolution. 

According to Us magazine, Shepard and Iman, who got married in 2018, legally separated in 2021, citing irreconcilable differences. Us also detailed the very broad details of their impending divorce 

In January 2022, Us exclusively reported that the spouses had quietly separated and were in the middle of a divorce in New Jersey. ‘They are going to try and remain civil and friendly towards each other,’ a source told Us at the time.” 

Shepard had an average-at-best six-year NFL career with the New York Giants. His best year came in 2018, when Shepard caught 66 passes for 872 yards, scoring four touchdowns in the process. 

He hasn’t been the most productive receiver and ended up missing 10 games last year due to a few injuries. 

With Shepard recovering and preparing to play for the Giants next season and basically playing for his NFL life, this family and marital drama is the last thing he needs on his mind to distract him from football.

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