Shaq Set To Launch New Soft Drink Brand

If it seems that Shaquille O’Neal is everywhere lately, that’s actually not the case. However, nobody can be faulted for thinking otherwise. The future NBA Hall Of Famer’s ubiquitous mug is all over television these days, due to his endorsement deals with companies such as Buick and Icy Hot.  Now, get ready to see him in your local corner store beverage section.

His new brand of soft drinks, called Soda Shaq (what else?) is set to hit stores next month. With flavors such as strawberry and blueberry, it’s safe to assume this is a drink for the young ones out there.

His business enterprise was recently chronicled in Fortune Magazine, and with several million dollars of endorsement money coming in, O’Neal seems to be on a Magic Johnson-like trajectory of post-career business relevance. Anyone who has followed O’Neal’s career should know that his renaissance man credentials are legit. Remember, this is a guy with both movies and rap albums under his belt.

His latest venture may seem small in comparison, but it’s likely just a stepping-stone to something much bigger.


From the Orlando Sentinel:

Soda Shaq has a suggeted retail price of $.99 price "and come emblazoned with one of eight photos of the big man’s unique facial expressions."

Shaq is not the first Orlando athlete to have a drink deal with AriZona, which is primarily known for its iced teas. Its Arnold Palmer blend of tea and lemonade is reported a fast-growing line of beverages for the company.



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