“I Don’t Know Who Could Of Coached This Team In The Way That It Was Put Together”| Shannon Sharpe Gives LeBron A Slap, Capes For Frank Vogel

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With OBJ’s return to the spotlight with four catches for 54 yards in a Rams playoff win and the continuing trials and tribulations of the failing “Lakers Experiment,” Shannon Sharpe and his co-pilot on FS1’s “Undisputed” have plenty of L.A. sports fodder to discuss daily.

This morning the talking heads were discussing the fate of Lakers coach Frank Vogel

Despite LeBron James and the Lakers defeating a listless Utah Jazz squad on Monday night, according to FS1, the 2020 NBA bubble championship-winning coach is on the hot seat. 

Sharpe, a devoted Lakers fan, says that he can see a scenario in which Vogel loses his job, but it would be because of poor team construction, rather than any notable coaching deficiency. 

“I don’t know who could of coached this team in the way that it was put together. Whoever put this team together carries a lot of responsibility.”
“I don’t like Frank Vogel’s lineups, rotations. I don’t like that. I think he does a terrible job of that. But I want to know the coach who they think can have this team where they thought it would be given the pieces he was given to work with.” 
“Do you understand that the pieces that they have together do not work, they do not fit?” Sharpe asked
“Not one person thought Russ with AD and LeBron would work. Not one.” 

Then Skip chimes in to finish off Sharpe’s thought (or hijack it). 

“Well obviously one person did, and his name is LeBron James,” Bayless chirped. 
“If anyone could make it work it would be LeBron,” Sharpe added, before continuing to lambaste the Lakers. 

Magic Says We Need Some Lakers Pride 

It’s been a rough week for L.A. Magic Johnson’s been embarrassed by the Lakers (22-22), who are a seventh seed in the Western Conference as we approach the All-Star break. The Lakers legend and former executive had some choice words for the team, prompting a public apology by LeBron, who vowed that complacency and a losing attitude won’t happen on his watch.  

Sharpe continued to talk out of both sides of his mouth concerning Vogel’s culpability in the Lakers’ rough season. 

“This team is old. They don’t play defense. They think they can just out score everybody. They don’t shoot threes particularly well. They never have a hot streak when they shoot the ball. Maybe a game or two… But as a team this isn’t a great shooting team. They don’t rebound the ball. They turn the ball over. They don’t play defense and somehow I can’t fire all the guys, but I can fire the guy who I’ve trusted to coach this team.” 

Vogel The Latest Blame For Lakers’ Woes 

The hot lamp of declining NBA lifelines burns feverishly upon the head of coach Frank Vogel. Russell Westbrook was getting that flak early in the season, but the media mosh pit is finding out that it’s much easier to replace a coach than trade or release a contracted future Hall of Famer who can still posterize Defensive Player of the Year winners like he’s dunking on a baby on a backyard hoop. 

<iframe width=”942″ height=”530″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/FXXf21hD9q4″ title=”YouTube video player” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Besides, no other team is willing to give up anything of significance to acquire Russ at this point. 

There’s plenty of blame to go around in Tinseltown. If L.A. runs off a few more wins, this too shall pass. If things continue to go downhill, Jeanie Buss and Co. will have to feed the beasts and Vogel might be the ultimate sacrifice.

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