“You’re Trying To Minimize Your Struggles.” | Shannon Sharpe Calls Out Tom Brady For Not Taking Accountability For Declining Play

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Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in the playoffs, and not because they overwhelmed the league. They Bucs benefited from playing in the NFC South division, which is a weak division. All it took was a losing 8-9 record for them to get a home playoff game.

The team will face the Dallas Cowboys in the final matchup of Super Wild Card Weekend

During an interview following Sunday’s season finale loss to the Falcons, TB12 was asked about his team and what he’s most excited about heading into the playoffs.

The 45-year-old seven-time Super Bowl winner stressed the health of the team and how that should benefit them going forward.

“I believe we’re going to be as healthy as we’ve been all year, which is kind of exciting,” the seven-time Super Bowl champion said. “You know, to get some guys back that haven’t been in there, and then we’ll see if we can play our best football.”

Seems like pretty straightforward comments made by Brady, who’s happy to see what they can do with a full cupboard. But FS1 talking head Shannon Sharpe, a known Brady detractor, was quick to say “not so fast.”


Shannon Sharpe Says Brady Lacks Accountability 

He called Brady out for trying to disregard his season-long struggles, which Sharpe believes is a product of aging and attrition. Sharpe says Brady referencing his missing teammates is nothing more than an excuse. 

On Wednesday’s episode of “Undisputed,” Sharpe let his feelings be known during the segment.

“The notion that the Buccaneers have struggles because of injury, that just isn’t true. It’s his way of Tom trying to explain the season away and deflect blame. … I’m trying to figure out why you’re trying to minimize your struggles. We all saw it.”

“You’re telling me the center is responsible for four more wins?” Sharpe added. “Brady was sacked 22 times last year and 22 times this year. The only difference last year was 43 touchdowns. This year he threw 25 touchdowns.”

Shannon Sharpe Calls Out Tom Brady Again

This isn’t the first time Sharpe has called Brady out, but this time he didn’t get much of a rebuttal from Skip Bayless, a well-known Brady apologist. 

The Buccaneers struggled to win eight games, and while they had some injuries, like all teams, Brady’s ineffectiveness also played a role in the team’s struggles. Many weeks Brady looked as if “Father Time” had finally caught up with him. But there were other weeks he looked better than a lot of the quarterbacks around the league. Who can forget his 432-yard, three touchdown outing last week versus the Panthers to clinch the NFC South?

It was a pleasant surprise to see Bayless not really come for Sharpe after his comments about Brady. Last time he did, Bayless took a personal shot at him and he didn’t take too kindly to it, letting Skip know he’s got plenty of credentials himself.

“That’s What You Do” | Shannon Sharpe Says Skip Bayless Makes Debates Personal, Especially When Tom Brady Is Criticized

Skip Says Tom Brady Better Than Shannon Sharpe

Skip insinuated that Brady was better than Sharpe, who reminded Skip of his Hall of Fame résumé.

“Yes, he’s Tom Brady, but I’m not chopped liver.”

Buccaneers Have Favorable Wild Card Matchup With Cowboys

The Cowboys have never beaten Brady, and as a franchise Dallas has been known to always come up small in these games. Until they prove otherwise, it’s what we’ve come to expect. 

Win or lose, this won’t be the last time we see Brady suit up. Maybe not in Tampa, but he’ll be in the NFL. While that’s great, we can’t ignore that his game is declining because he shows some flashes of vintage TB12 on occasion.