Shadow League All-Stars’ NFL Wild Card Playoff Predictions

In this age of parity, the 2014 NFL playoffs are more unpredictable than a crap shoot telling guess who jokes. The Shadow League got some of our most knowledgable contributors together to try and predict this Wild Card playoff mess. TSL flame throwers Ricardo Hazell, J.R. Gamble and DJ Dunson break it down like a James Brown bridge, with an assist from 6 Magazine CEO Rich Boadu and hip-hop legend Phife Dawg, who's fresh off touring with Kanye, Jigga and Kendrick Lamar. Lucky for fans, every game has heart-stopping potential. Here's our two-cents. 

Phife Dawg (Follow PhifedaPHANalyst on Twitter  @IamthePHIFER)

Kansas City 27, Indy 24: This is the most intriguing game of the weekend, and I had a difficult time weighing the pros and cons of this matchup. I love the poised demeanor of Andrew Luck but minus Reggie Wayne (in the playoffs), KC should take care of business in a nail biter !

Eagles 24, Saints 14: The Saints are known for their high-powered offense led by Brees. But since HC Sean Payton's return, they have yet to figure out what it is to be road warriors. Shady McCoy will run New Orleans ragged and Nick Foles will protect the rock.
Cincy 21, Chargers 13: Phillip Rivers was a forgotten man the last few seasons and he will be again due to inclement weather at Paul Brown Stadium. Green, Bernard and that Zimmer-led defense will finally give Coach Lewis a playoff win.
49ers 31, Packers 17: Green Bay has a chance by being at home and Rodgers is the truth, but the 49ers' D will prove to be too much. The Packers defense, however, will get exposed!
J.R. Gamble (Follow on Twitter @fanalyst1)

Colts 19, Kansas City 10: If KC's success is a direct reflection of Andy Reid's influence, expect an early playoff exit.

Saints 24, Philly 21: An even matchup, but Drew Brees gets the edge over young buck Nick Foles. It's like Nas vs. Tyler The Creator.
Chargers 17, Cincy 13: As usual, Marvin Lewis does just enough to keep his job. He is the anti-Rooney Rule. This is Phillip Rivers' last chance to prove that he's not the weakest link in the NFL's 2004 stud-QB Draft. Eli and Ben have rings. The River needs to flow now.
Green Bay 20, San Francisco 17: The NFL's A-Rod shook the rust off after missing some games due to injury. He's going to school Colin Kaepernick, whose suspect play has been getting a pass from heads this season.
DJ Dunson (Follow on Twitter @cerebralsportex)
Colts 24, Chiefs 17: These aren't the same Chiefs. The Chiefs offense may be waiting until this weekend to open up their playbook, but the defense has been in sharp decline since their 9-0 start. The once vaunted pass rush recorded 36 sacks in the first 10 games, but has been stuck in rush hour with just 11 sacks in the final six weeks. Likewise, they're allowing twice as many points a game since their undefeated start.

Eagles 30, Saints 23: The Saints are a mile-a-minute offense on that track field inside the Mercedes Superdome, but plant their feet in the snow at The Linc in Philly and their offense will move like its getting awkwardly adjusted to moon gravity. Unlike the Eagles, they don't have a running game to fall back on or dome to play under. The last time Lesean McCoy went gridiron ice skating, he rushed for 217 yards in Week 15. Sean Payton is about discover what it's like to get torched by a fellow offensive genius.

 Bengals 27, Chargers 23: Like New Orleans, the Chargers will be facing unfamiliar temps of 35 degrees, in addition to wind and snow. As long as Andy Dalton doesn't chuck interceptions all over the place, the Bengals should secure Marvin Williams' first playoff win as a head coach. Besides, Philip Rivers is Mr. December. It's a New Year.

49ers 31, Packers 20: From what I've been told, the freezing temperatures and whipping winds inside The 'Stick is a solid training locale for subzero Green Bay weather. Kaepernick has Green Bay's number since becoming the Niners starter. He's dialing them up for a third time on Sunday with Clay Matthews out nursing a broken thumb instead of doing his best Goldberg impression flying from sideline to sideline spearing ballcarriers

Richard Boadu (Follow at 6MagazineOnline)
Kansas City 31, Colts 27: Andy Reid ain't stupid. He knew he'd face this team again. He kept it vanilla in the first game. The tricks are coming out for the second. The KC defense will not be out done by the same team twice.

Saints 24, Eagles 20: The Eagles can't win at home, the Saints can't win on the road. Breesus has been here before though.
Bengals 21, Chargers 7: The Chargers limped into the playoffs. It's going to be cold in Cincy and it's going to be 10am PST time when they play. Bengals got this all the way.
49ers 14, Packers13: The 49ers would win easily if they weren't playing in the ice age. The elements will keep the Pack in it, but the 49ers will figure it out.
Ricardo Hazell (Follow him on twitter @NikosMightyDad)
Kansas City 24, Colts 17: The Kansas City defense will stifle Andrew Luck and T.Y. Hilton. No Indy run game means KC has one less thing to worry about.

Philly 33, New Orleans 28: The Philadelphia Eagles have just as many weapons as New Orleans. Neither team is consistent defensively but the Eagles are better than New Orleans in that regard.

San Diego 21, Cincy 14: The San Diego Chargers will take advantage of a Cincinnati Bengals team that is famous for flaming out in the playoffs.

San Francisco 28, Green Bay 21: Though the return of Aaron Rodgers and the fact that the Packers are playing at storied Lambeau Field are major pluses, the San Francisco 49ers are just too good on both sides of the ball. Green Bay simply does not have the gutter heads on D to slow down Colin Kaepernick, Frank Gore, Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree, and Anquan Boldin. Someone will be exposed.

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