Serena Williams Named AP Female Athlete of the Year

    To be an eyewitness to greatness is sometimes a confusing thing. Once greatness is witnessed multiple times it becomes easy to believe that such a phenomenon happens all the time. Perhaps this is why Serena Williams doesn't get the type of props that she may deserve.  However, the Associated Press is looking to remedy all that.  Williams has been named the AP 2013 Female Athlete of the Year, marking the third time Serena has been bestowed with such an honor after having won the award in 2002 and 2009.  Serena Williams went 78-4 with 11 titles this year. She won the French Open and US Open, and compiled a 34-match winning streak. She also earned a record $12 million in prize money. In February, Serena became the oldest No. 1 in WTA rankings in history.