Sentiment Is Growing For Joe Burrow As The NFL’s Top QB | Shannon Sharpe Is Still Team Mahomes

Shannon Sharpe Says Joe Burrow Not Better than Patrick Mahomes
Joe Burrow's Cincinatti Bengals have beaten Patrick Mahomes' Chiefs three times in the past 11 months. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

The Joe Burrow bandwagon is in full throttle. The gang over at ESPN’s “Get Up” show were gushing over Joe Cool and elevating him to the level of Patrick Mahomes — or possibly even better — based on the last three matchups. The double-headed monster over at FS1 was still riding with Mahomes

Is Joe Burrow Better Than Patrick Mahomes? Shannon Sharpe Says No

Burrow has had immense success head-to-head versus Patrick Mahomes. In fact, in the last 11 months he’s led his team to three victories over the Chiefs, including a come-from-behind road win in the AFC championship. That’s prompted some folks to say that maybe Burrow is the better of the two quarterbacks.

But FS1 personality and Pro Football Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe isn’t buying it and he talked about it on Monday’s episode of “Undisputed.”

“No, I still would take Patrick Mahomes over Joe Burrow, although he does play really, really well when he plays Patrick Mahomes, his team played well. And if you look at the three games, they’ve all come down to, what, three points? And it’s normally a turnover in the game.

“That’s the quarterbacks … are pretty closely matched the offense. The teams obviously met. Although I do believe Joe Burrow has more firepower when you look at the way they can run the ball with Perine. Joe Mixon did not even play yesterday. They got Ja’Marr Chase back. They got Tee Higgins.

“They got Boyd. I like Hurst as a tight end, even though he did not play. He didn’t s do anything. He didn’t. He didn’t do any damage.”

Sharpe is correct, while Burrow is dynamite, he’s got some things to accomplish before we can say he’s better than Mahomes.

Why Do Kansas City Chiefs Struggle Against Cincinnati Bengals?

Quarterback-for-quarterback, this matchup is about as good as you’ll get around the league. But these three Bengals wins have not been decided by the QBs. Outcomes have been forged by timely sacks, pressures and a strip fumble late in the game. Elements that played a huge factor in Cincy’s win on Sunday.

Missed field goals don’t help either, but the Chiefs’ inability to get stops on third down with the game hanging in the balance proved to be the deciding factor. The Bengals’ trio of wide receivers gives defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo fits. 

“But you look at those three receivers Skip, and you got to pick your poison,” Sharpe added. “How do we play it? We play cover two. They’re gonna run us out of cover two because Perine is going to run the ball. And he had a great day running the football yesterday … 21 rushes for 106 yards, five yards per carry.

“If we try to play man coverage, do we really want to single up Higging and Ja’Marr Chase? Or, do we leave Boyd one on one? And you saw them take advantage of it.”

Joe Burrow’s Supporting Cast Better Than Patrick Mahomes’

So what Sharpe is saying, is Burrow’s supporting cast is better than that of Mahomes, who’s also without Tyreek Hill this time around.

Burrow caught fire last season in leading the Bengals to the Super Bowl.

Joe Cool, AKA Joe Burrow, Is The Only Quarterback Who Can Become The Next Tom Brady | That’s It …

But Mahomes has been to two Super Bowls, winning one and he was named MVP of the game. Not to mention he also won NFL MVP in 2018, his first year as the starter.

It’s highly likely that Burrow will eventually hoist a Lombardi Trophy and an MVP award, but until then, pump the brakes on him being better than the game’s best signal-caller.