Security Guard Dips In Lakers’ Stash For Some Rings and Cash 

The Lakers haven’t had a lockdown guard on defense since Michael Cooper was shackling cats with his wiry frame, tenacity and court savvy. Maybe if Mike D’Antoni started the security guard who recently had some steals and a huge score at the expense of the Buss Family, LA's backcourt wouldn’t be getting torched like dead leaves in a forest fire.

The Lakers and Los Angeles Kings share a practice facility in El Segundo—near LAX—and a security guard at that facility was arrested for allegedly stealing two NBA championship rings plus $20,000 in gift cards.

According to The Daily Breeze newspaper, El Segundo police Lt. Jaime Bermudez said Eddie J. Monterroso, 23, of Inglewood allegedly spent $15,000 worth of the gift cards, buying televisions and iPads. He probably has Q-Tip’s wallet too. reports that Monterroso worked for a private security company hired to patrol the building after business hours. The gift cards were ones the Lakers planned to give out at upcoming holiday charity events. The rings were “extras” that did not belong specifically belong to anyone, according to the team. They were rings from the Lakers two most recent titles, and Monterroso probably saw those rings sitting there and was like, “Nobody is going to miss these, they probably have thousands.”

Not sure of the level of his ghetto-ness but he probably wasn’t even going to do anything with the rings but rock them in the streets and tell cats how Kobe personally blessed him after they beat the Boston Celtics in 2010.

Everybody is always looking for a come up, but most people don’t have the criminal mind to successfully pull such heists. It doesn’t say how this guy was caught, but there is obviously some video surveillance or a paper trail of his purchases. Hopefully he also flipped those gift cards into like $100,000. He should have sold the rings immediately and cashed out on those from early. Its obvious Monterroso had slimy intentions, but he’s no polished robber. Probably has a family that he wanted to flood with Christmas cheer. You know his shorty was giving him the extra good treatment during this shopping spree.

Unfortunately, Po-Nine arrested Monterroso on Tuesday as he left work at the Toyota Sports Center on Nash Street near Mariposa Avenue. Police bagged him and recovered the rings and other property at his Inglewood home.

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