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Tyler Perry Unveils First Black Owned Studio

Beyonce, Stacey Abrams, Viola Davis, Ava DuVernay and Samuel L. Jackson were just a few of the many big names that attended the grand...

Tyler Perry Pays Off $430K Worth Of Layaways

Tyler Perry was a not so secret Santa.   Actor and filmmaker, Tyler Perry shared a video on Twitter announcing that he paid off all...

Oprah and Tyler Perry Planning World Takeover


Truthfully, I can't believe that Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry weren't already working together.

Tyler Perry’s Now Worth A Billy So When Is The Black Billionaire Link Up?

In the words of DJ Khaled, " Another one." Forbes has added Perry to its list of billionaires and it estimates that the playwright turned...

Job-Shamed ‘Cosby’ Star Accepts TV Gig From Tyler Perry


Cosby star Geoffrey Owens recently made the news after someone photog

Single Moms Club Is All-time Bomb at Box Office for Tyler Perry


I would like to preface this by stating that the demise of Tyler Perry as a significant box office draw does not mean anything more, or anything less, to me as a black man in America. 

YOU NEED TO KNOW HER: Zola Mashariki, Fox Searchlight’s Black Film Money Maker


It wasn't long ago when content produced by black filmmakers was limited to those created by movie mogul Tyler Perry and his Madea character. Despite success, there were constant complaints about shucking, jiving, and coonin on camera, bec

Rec Center: Temptation


Dear Tyler Perry fans, what the hell?! Seriously?!

I just finished watching Temptation, and after hearing a bunch of women and men yelling “Oh no he di’int!” and “Ooohhh child!” with absolute convic

“LEAVE THESE KIDS ALONE!” | Bronny James Goes To The Prom, And The Culture...

Bronny James went to the prom with all the appropriate pomp the son of a superstar should receive except with one unintended consequence; the...

Why Is Lee Daniels’ Name Always In Some Mess?


There's a lot of heat swirling around a recently videotaped argument between one-time entertainment mogul Dame Dash and Oscar-winning director