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TSL High Heat: Kris Bryant Hype, Josh Hamilton Can’t Handle The Truth And MLB...


Each MLB season there is a new diamond-stud that hits the scene and makes every scout and analyst salivate until he is swimming in a spit-pile of Ruthian respect.

I remember the legendary stories coming out of Raleigh, North Carolina around

The MLB Playoffs Is Becoming Must See TV 


Kansas City Royals lead LA Angels 2-0 in ALDS

The Royals continue to win with pitching, defense, speed and timely hitting— the recipe of World Series Champions. The pitching staff has limited baseball's highest-sc

TSL High Heat MLB Playoffs: Money Madison Bumgarner And The San Fran Double Up


Madison Bumgarner has become a playoff pistol for Bullet Bruce Bochy’s San Francisco Giants playoff machine. No matter how feeble the offense seems or how shaky their rotation may appear, come October everyt

TSL MLB High Heat: The Birds And The Nats Are Soaring Towards A Collison 


The D.M.V. will be a baseball paradise this summer. In years past, the states of Baltimore, DC and Virginia usually simultaneously chuck their summer basketball shorts and cleats to the side and immerse themselves in a

Gambler’s TSL MLB Sweep 



LA Dodgers Are The Favorites To Win The 2014 World Series


The Red Sox stormed to a 2013 World Series title and will have a similar squad next season, but Vegas doesn’t quite think they can strike gold again.

According to SPORTS. BOVADA.LV, the Dodgers at 7/1 are the odds on favorite to win t

The Only Thing Dusty Baker Is Hanging Up Is The Phone


At 64 years-old with three decades of pro baseball as a player and successful manager under his belt, Dusty Baker isn’t looking for a long vacation before he gets his hands dirty with another managerial position. A little more than a

AL Playoffs Preview: It’s Now Or Never For The Tigers 


If Detroit doesn’t win it all this time, somebody has got to pay the piper and it probably will be skipper Jim Leyland. Heads are once again picking the Tigers to final

Good Morning: Trent Richardson Was Actually Sad To Leave Cleveland


Trent Richardson says he was "shocked" to be traded to the Indianapolis Colts and says he loves living in Cleveland. Now he joins

Good Morning: Usain Bolt Is Still The Fastest Man On The Planet


Lightning still strikes in the rain: Usain Bolt maintained his title of the World's Fastest Man, winning the 100m at the World C