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Please Jam: Remembering the ’93 Summer Jams


(Editor’s note: We are interrupting our regularly scheduled PJ steelo so that Vince can take a nostalgic, 20-year trip back to the Summer of 1993. Please Jam…)

Dre Day” -- Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg,

Good Morning: Aaron Hernandez Has His Day In Court Today


Aaron Hernandez is due in court today where he is likely to be indicted by a grand jury.


Alex Rodriguez told his lawyers t

Welcome To The NCAA-Hating Party


Johnny Manziel’s alleged autograph business has had an interesting effect, hasn’t it? More than ever, the public and media are taking the NCAA to task for the way it does business. Curiously, none of them saw these problems when Terrell

Good Morning: Yu Darvish Is Toying With The American League


Yu Darvish lost his perfect game on a poor call in last night's game, but dominated the Houston Astros (again), chalking up 15 strikeouts. Darvish has recorded

Please Jam: Where Are The Hip-Hop Zimmerman-Protest Songs?


Tech N9ne - “Fraglie” ft Kendrick Lamar, Kendall Gordon and Mayday