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Geno Smith’s Start For The NY Giants Was Significant


When Geno Smith started for the New York Giants yesterday, it was the first time in team history that they started a Black quarterback. While a number of fans and pundits are upset at how the team benched 13-year starter Eli Manning, Smiths start i

Jason Pierre-Paul’s Blockbuster Deal Actually Saved The Giants Money  


New York Giants All-Pro defensive end Jason Pierre Paul lost a few fingers following a bizarre July 4th fireworks accident that mangled his right hand back in 2015. That first season back was rough as he learned how to maneuver and be effective wit

Jonny Cueto Signs With Giants For $130 Million


The San Francisco Giants have agreed to a six-year $130 million dollar deal with World Series champion Jonny Cueto.

World Champion Giants Experience The Return Of The Miami Pound Machine 


Cuban sensation Jose Fernandez is kissing cousins with adversity, but he's also every opposing batter's daddy when he's healthy and hitting his spots. On Thursday, Fernandez returned to the mound after missing over a

TSL WORLD SERIES WIL’ OUT: San Fran’s Immovable Object Beats MLB’s Irresistible Force


Madison Bumgarner wasn’t created in a lab. He’s not the pitching version of Frankenstein. He’s free of performance-enhancers or bionic limbs as far as we know. In this postseason, however, he’s entered the type of zone that

Peyton Manning Trucks San Fran and Compiler-Favre’s Career TD Record 


You know Peyton Manning feels like Doughboy sitting on that curb, tossing back a 40-dawg and kicking it with Cuba Gooding Jr. at the end of Boyz n the Hood. Folks don't even get amped when he shatters another record. The

TSL High Heat MLB Playoffs: Money Madison Bumgarner And The San Fran Double Up


Madison Bumgarner has become a playoff pistol for Bullet Bruce Bochy’s San Francisco Giants playoff machine. No matter how feeble the offense seems or how shaky their rotation may appear, come October everyt

The Dime, Week 13: Giants Are No Longer NFC East Turkeys

  1. Thanksgiving Day Football – You can’t have one without the other, turkey and football on Thanksgiving. The NFL has blessed us with three games this year with the Packers vs. Lions, Raiders vs. Cowboys and Steeler

Peyton Hillis Is The Great White Hope In A Dark Giants Season 


The Giants won two Super Bowls in the past six years. To the surprise of most of the football world, they started this season 0-6. It was a swift and precipitous fall f

Good Morning: The New York Giants Finally Put Numbers On The Board


Eli Manning and the New York Giants finally earned a win, as Josh Freeman was a huge disappointment in his debut for the Minnesota Vikin