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RIP Roger Mayweather: The Original Black Mamba Would Have Turned 59 Today

Black mamba snakes live in the savannas and rocky hills of southern and eastern Africa. They are Africa's longest, most venomous snakes and are among...

“If This Is It For Tom Brady, Who Are You Taking?” | Greatest Athlete...

Rumors abounded over the weekend that Tom Brady had decided to retire from professional football. Although unconfirmed, the world waxed poetic about Brady's legacy and...

‘One Thing That We Can’t Play With Is Memory Loss’: Floyd Mayweather Gets Real...

Floyd Mayweather has set the tone for future athletic generations as a boxer-businessman. Self-proclaimed "The Best Ever" or "TBE," Floyd Mayweather re-engineered the boxing business,...

Floyd Mayweather’s Likeness On Coveted WBC Green And Gold Belt For Eternity | Joins...

Recently, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been enshrined by the World Boxing Council on its hallowed Green and Gold Belt. The boxing sanctioning body announced that...

A Look Back At Floyd Mayweather Sr.’s Boxing Legacy

The master of the shoulder roll that turned his son into one of the biggest figures in pop culture turns 66 today. Some legends are...

Floyd Mayweather: Is Excellence His Legacy, Or Scorched Earth


Today we usher in the month of February, which signals the hallowed focus on the major contributions of folks from the Diaspora into the American cultural patchwork. Due to the tenacity of Carter G. Woodson, who launched "Negro History Week" as a p

The 10th Anniversary of Floyd Mayweather vs. Oscar De La Hoya 


Before Mayweather vs. Pacquiao set world records for pay-per-view, the original blockbuster card was the matchup between the Golden Boy Oscar De La Hoya and the newly minted Money Mayweather.

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The Vacuum That is Floyd Mayweather’s Pending Retirement


(Main photo credit: Esther Lin, Showtime)

You hear that sound? Its deafening isnt it?

Silence so golden it can almost be cut with a cynical knife, except the extreme irony of this is that one would

The Last Fight For Floyd Mayweather; What Happens When The Money Goes?


Last Saturday, Floyd Money Mayweather posted a picture of himself, leisurely resting on a Kroenigsegg CCXR Trevita, a supercar of which only two were made. At a price point of $4.8 million, Mayweather is now the owner of the second Trevita in

Floyd Mayweather Is The New Keyser Soze


(Photo credit: Chris Farina, Top Rank)

In the 1995 film, "The Usual Suspects", Roger Verbal Kint tells the story of the mythical underworld boss whose legend has him as the best villain ever created. Howe