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Couple Engaged In Sexual Relations In Stands At Oakland A’s Game Are Being Sought...

People do all sorts of wild things at sporting events and never get caught. But a couple that attended the Oakland Athletics game on...

Baseball Meets Wakanda For Oakland Black Panther Bobblehead Day


The legend of the Black Panther movie that

TSL High Heat: Billy Beane’s Dealings With The Devil Has Oakland In Hot Water


Sorry to burst your bubble Sabermetrics Nation, but your daddy Billy Beane screwed up.

When the Oakland A’s VP/GM channeled his inner-George Steinbrenner and went H.A.

TSL HIGH HEAT: Oakland GM Billy Beane Channels His Inner George Steinbrenner 


MLB Network’s Ken Rosenthal said it best this morning as the July 31st MLB trade deadline heats up and draws to a close:

“Oakland is the protagonist

Conspiracy Theorists: The Oakland A’s Are Casualties In The MLB Monopoly


Major League Baseball won’t let the Oakland A’s relocate to San Jose because territory rights in Santa Clara County belong to the San Francisco Giants. It’s a rule that exists only because MLB operates the only true monopoly

Oakland, Is That Doo-Doo We Smell?


The Seattle Mariners weren't able to shower in their locker rooms after playing the Oakland A's on Sunday because sewage flooded the first floor of the Oakland Coliseum. In fact, both teams and the umpires were forced to move upstairs

The Oakland A’s Cover Band Is Now A Super Group


The Oakland A’s are like your average cover band. They have no superstar lead singers. They are G Unit without 50 cent, Young Money without Weezy, or “The G

A’s Catcher Bruce Maxwell Becomes First MLB Player To Take A Knee


When Bruce Maxwell, catcher for the Oakland Athletics, became the first major league baseball player to take a knee during the national anthem in Saturdays game against the Texas Rangers, a Tweet from sports mind Howard Bryant pretty much summed up

AL Wild Card Sets Off MLB Playoffs With High-Totin’, Smokin’ Aces 


Tonight the MLB playoffs kick off at 8:07 pm ET with the doe-or-die American League Wild Card Game featuring GM Billy Beane’s puttering Oakland Athletics—who are desperately trying to justify the

“I’ve Put In An Incomprehensible Amount Of Time, Blood, Sweat And Tears Into What...

Last week after months of back-and-forth between Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals, the team signed the diminutive dynamo to a five-year, $230.5 million...