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“The Best Player Going To The Browns” | FS1 Personality Marcellus Wiley Says NFL...

The Cleveland Browns haven’t had much success in the past 20 years or so as a franchise. One year after making their first playoff...

Marcellus Wiley Plays Himself, Injecting Colorism Into Jay-Z, Kap Debate

Marcellus Wiley has defied the odds and made a successful career for himself as a man who came from an environment where many oftentimes...

Women In Sports Media |FS1 Personality Joy Taylor Lands Her Own Radio Show

Joy Taylor has elevated through the ranks of sport personalities, rising to fame and out of the shadow of her NFL Hall of Fame...

Weekend in Tweets: 12.3.12


UGA and Alabama played in an epic battle. The SEC championship game more than surpassed the hype and showed why it’s the only conference title game that matters. The Falcons, Broncos and Patriots all clinched their divisions while the Texan

After Bridging The Gap In Tampa Is Byron Leftwich The Best Fit In Atlanta?

With the firing of head coach Dan Quinn and GM Thomas Dimitroff, the Falcons are in search of a new head coach. They promoted...

FS1 And Done: The Shadow League’s Top 5 Jason Whitlock Stories 

Jason Whitlock has made a career with his controversial takes, often going against the grain on issues of race, but never wavering from his...

Jay-Z Turns 50: Street Pharmacist to Music Mogul, Social Activist, Global Icon

The incomparable Jay-Z turns 50 years old today. Yeah, that just makes all of us Generation Xer's mad old. From the crack-dealing, four-wheeling, concrete...

Diddy Defends Jay-Z’s NFL Partnership, While Supporting Kaepernick

The conversation over Jay-Z and the NFL’s controversial partnership continues to be the hot button topic of the month. We’ve heard opinions from both sides....

Kenyon Martin’s Solution To Draymond Green: “Smack Spit From Him”


As we prepare for the inevitable 2017 Finals matchup between King James Court and Dub Nations Big Four, people will increasingly start referring to last seasons finals when Golden State had a commanding 3-1 lead before Draymond Green wilded out

Ivy League Hoops: Ahead Of The Curve In Coaching Diversity


Quick trivia question – which Division I men’s basketball conference, other than those that oversee the nation’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities like the MEAC and the SWAC, currently has the country’s highest co