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LaVar Ball To Motivate, Berate And Irritate Rookies In NBA 2K18


LaVar Ball is still playing chess while the rest of the sports world plays checkers. Fresh off his new Facebook reality show and the historic announcement of his high school son LaMelo's MB1 signature shoe, LaVar managed to snag a good look in the

Kenan Thompson Clowns As LaVar Ball On SNL Weekend Update


Kenan Thompson has done some of the best impersonations on SNL in recent years. From David Ortiz and Al Sharpton to Steve Harvey, Thompson has been spot on with his routines. Well you knew who he had to clown next, and they weren't waiting for the

Michael Jordan Lets LaVar Ball Know He Could Beat Him “One-Legged”


We all know about the wild claims LaVar Ball has made, the wildest of which has to be that he could beat Michael Jordan 1-on-1.


Shaq Fires Shots At LaVar Ball On Diss Track


After getting a tech and eventually pulling his team off of the court in an AAU game, LaVar Ball obviously needed something else to. So when the cameras went live and he was asked a question about Shaq, he had to go there.

The LaVar Ball Effect


LaVar Ball has taken the sports world by storm over the last few months, ruffling feathers and taking no prisoners. Along the way, he's become a lightning rod of controversy, as well as an inspiration to many who see him in a positive light. <

JJ Watt Shades LaVar Ball And Big Baller Brand


The sneaker wars have existed for decades, with companies like Nike, Adidas, Reebok and Under Armour battling for market share and brand athletes. And with sneaker heads rushing to stores for the latest edition of the Brand Jordan line or Kanye's l

Love Him Or Hate Him, LaVar Ball Made Every Father’s Dream Come True


Thursday night we witnessed young men take another step on their basketball journey, one which propelled them into the spotlight they've dreamed about since they first picked up a Spalding. Future millionaires, with visions of NBA greatness and pro

Lonzo and LaVar Ball Keep It Funky On Jimmy Kimmel


Lonzo and LaVar Ball are gearing up for the NBA Draft, but their celebrity is already top choice as the father and son appeared on The Jimmy Kimmel Show on Monday night ready to take on the world again. 

Kimmel began by dousing Lonzo wit

LaVar Ball Has Already Cost Lonzo Millions In Endorsements 


Some have fancied LaVar Ball a business genius who is changing the way players market themselves and empowering par

LaVar Ball Blaming ‘Slow White Guys’ For UCLA’s Loss Is Out Of Bounds


We've all seen, read and heard LaVar Ball's outrageous claims, predictions and demands. His made-for-TV mannerisms exploded in the sports world ear