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While You Were Working: MLB Handed Out Biogenesis Suspensions


12 players were suspended for 50 games by MLB for their involvement to Biogenesis, including Nelson Cruz of the Texas Rangers. He's leads the Range

A National Championship Is The Last Hurdle For Black College Football Coaches


Most of today’s black coaches are youthful products of generations before them. Generations that had to grind at college football’s lower-tier programs in order to prove that black college coaches could succeed at elite, predominantly w

Johnny “Money” Manziel Is The NCAA’s Worst Nightmare


Before we knew anything about Johnny Manziel, we called him “Johnny Football.” It made him sound like the “throwback” so many desperately wanted him to be. Now that we know better, the reigning Heisman Trophy should change h

Johnny Football Is a Celebrity. Will Johnny Manziel Be a Legend?


Johnny Manziel won the Heisman Trophy last season and he’s been a rock star ever since. He’s what you could consider one of th

Johnny Manziel Is Not College Football’s Asher Roth


You'd think college would be cloud nine for Johnny Manziel. His girlfriend is a model; he's starring in country music videos; he's living life to the max off his fam's oil money; and the best part is that he's got thre

While You Were Working: Doc Rivers Is Looking For A New Job


Sources say Doc Rivers is interested in coaching another high-profile team as he fears the Cel

Johnny Manziel’s Future Backup, Kohl Stewart, Chosen Fourth Overall In MLB Draft


There's been a ton of shifts and movement on the quarterback front at Texas A&M, ever since Johnny Manziel won the Heisman Trophy in December. It began with Jameil Showers, last season's projected starter, transferring after accepting t

Johnny Football Needs To Take A Backseat To Johnny Manziel


In a weird way, the pressure on Johnny Manziel is another sign of victory for the black quarterback. Two of the top quarterback prospects for the 2014 NFL Draft are Manziel and Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater. Manziel is a white

Y.O.C.O. (You Only Coach Once): College Football’s Black Coach Problem


As college football continues to evolve into a lucrative empire, and as its participating athletic programs become increasingly impatient on producing winning results, coaches are losing their jobs at historic rates. Despite the average coaching

Time To Give College Football Players the Same Leverage As Their Coaches


Maybe it’s the timing that got under my skin. Had the jet carrying beaten and battered Notre Dame even touched down back in South Bend before Irish head coach Brian Kelly was straightening his tie and fussing with his hair awaiting a meetin