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Dear NFL Reporters, Columnists and Commentators: Stop the Manziel Madness!


The Shadow League felt it was necessary....no, imperative, to point out a common media practice that has been taken to the extreme with Johnny Football in Cleveland this NFL offseason. Who's Johnny F

Teddy Bridgewater is Getting The Kendrick Lamar Grammy Treatment


Award season in entertainment is the closest equivalent to the summer of drafts in the Big Four sports. Just as top nominees awkwardly squirm while cameras capture their stoic emotions as presenters open an envelope containing the winner’s na

Johnny Football Is Already Taking Shorts At The NFL Scouting Combine


Russell Wilson won a Super Bowl in his sophomore campaign, masterfully led a Seahawks offense to clutc

Richard Sherman, Please Have Several Seats


Contrary to what some may believe after watching Richard Sherman go ballistic on Sunday night, all black people don't run around yelling I'm the best after a day at work like DJ Khaled. Sherman can do it all he wants but he comes across as

NFL and NCAA Leadership Positions Bang Nothing But White Noise


The hiring practices of power players in college and NFL football are designed to keep minorities out of leadership positions.

Those who argue against this fact a

Texas Longhorns Hooking Charlie Strong Crosses Diversity Rubicon


It's a new day in Texas for black men embedded within college football's coaching world.

It's not enough of a social tectonic shift for the RNC to start another

The Black List: Who Should Be the Next Coach At Texas


This past Saturday marked the end of an era in college football, as Texas coach Mack Brown resigned after winning 158 games, two Big 12 titles and one national championship during his 16 years with the Longhorns.  It is without ques

Good Morning: Mike McCoy & The Chargers Pull A Fast One On The Denver Broncos


The San Diego Chargers pulled a fast one on the AFC-leading Denver Broncos, winning 27-20 with two huge touchdown catches from Keenan Allen in the second quarter. Th

Cover 3, Week 14: Rob GronkOW!ski’s Injury May Flatline Brady’s Fourth Super Bowl Dreams


1. Is Rob Gronkowski’s torn ACL the most devastating injury loss any team has been forced to overcome this season?  

JAMES CARR: It's hard to measure the impact of a given injury off the

Any Given Saturday Recap, Week 14: Alabama Is Still Recovering From Auburn-Induced PTCD


(Disclaimer: Every week AGS Recap does a “What Had Happened Was” segment aimed at unfortunate or inexplicable weekend happenings. This one is personal)

I’m just going to come right out and kick the elephant out of