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Jacksonville Jaguars’ WR Justin Blackmon denied reinstatement


According to the Associated Press, Jaguars wide receiver Justin Blackmon applied for reinstatement into the NFL, but had his bid denied.

According to the report, Blackmon, who wa

Denard Robinson Is Easing Into His Role With the Jaguars


Former Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson was supposed to be sort of do-it-all rookie for the Jaguars this season. With his QB background, it made him an obvious consideration as a Wildcat option, and the Jags planned on trying him at r

The Jacksonville Jaguars Prove Again Why They Are A Clown Franchise


Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Justin Blackmon has the gift and the curse. We all know

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“Smoking That Eagle Pack” | Former Cowboy Dez Bryant, and Philadelphia Rapper Meek Mill...

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Top 5 NFL Rookies After Week 2: Hutch Ballin’ Out

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