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Colangelo’s Messy Tweets Will Impact Sixers In Free Agency


Add Bryan Colangelo, former president of basketball operations for the Philadelphia 76ers to the growing list of once prominent people who have

Celebrating The Eagles Through The Lens Of Philadelphia’s Blackness


My grandmother's sister, when she moved up north from North Carolina, settled in Philadelphia. As a young child, I remember traveling from New York to go visit my family there, and can recall distinct memories of eating stacks of syrup-drenched pan

New Black Sports Leadership Helps Alabama, Arizona Tackle Racist Pasts


An increase in emerging communities of color have impacted the culture of the state of Arizona and its political electorate. The shift can be most clearly seen in the current chosen leadership at Arizonas major D-1 college football programs and its

As Arizona Shifts Blue, Their College Football Teams Shade To Black


The State of Arizona has been described by realclearpolitics.com, as ground zero for the battle within the Republican Party this year, with a three-way GOP primary to replace retiring Sen. Je

The Black NFL Coach Can Be A Clean-up Man, But He Won’t Be Recycled


They wouldnt want me. I talk too much. Im not their type. Jackie Robinson, 1966.

There were some Sundays that I wanted Jim Caldwell, ex-head coach of the Detroit Lions, to scream, to go off, to show some

Sage Steele Says People Don’t Want To Talk Charlottesville on ESPN


In what should be a proud time for African-American women in the world of journalism, Sage Steele has kind of sullied the moment because she has serious problems with, maybe a disdain for conventional Black thinking, which,

By Cutting Brandon Marshall, The Jets Hamper Todd Bowles


It was all good just two years ago.

Gone was the big talk and average performance of Rex Ryan and in stepped a new regime in GM Mike Maccagnan and first-time head coach, Todd Bowles, who became the second African-American coach in Jets' histo

Tony Dungy Puts The Rooney Rules Pump Fake On Blast


In the immortal words of Digital Underground and the late great Tupac Shakur, All Around The (NFL) World, its just the same ole song every training camp and preseason.  

The previous season ends with a blitzing carousel of wannabe coachi

The Weakest Move Ever Is Having A Tantrum About Kevin Durant


Let's cut right to the chase. My grandmother once told me that to judge another man before walking a mile in his shoes is a mistake, and that to continue to do so is the ultimate sign of weakness. 

So excuse me for being somewhat perplex

Jets Fade Back To Black With The Hiring of Todd Bowles


The next era in Jets football will be ruled by new head coach Todd Bowles, and even with defensive “