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Good Morning: LeBron James May Have Made His Final Appearance For Team USA


LeBron James' Team USA career is likely over according to sources close to LeBron as well as hints from Jerry Colangelo. 

"LeBron is going to be three years older during the next Olympics. He will have two older b

Dez Bryant Wants To Put The Past Behind Him, But Life Isn’t Fair Like...


All of the NFL players with checkered pasts who have been able to stay out of trouble recently, can thank former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez and this murder case for absolutely nothing.

Hernandez is the undisputed poster-child of the

Good Morning: Dwight Howard Will Hear Your Recruiting Pitches Now


The Houston Rockets traded Thomas Robinson to the Trailblazers, giving them enough cap space to offer Dwight Howard

A-Rod’s Half The Player, But Still All About The Paper


Even when Alex Rodriguez was winning MVPs and it looked like he’d be the first “clean” cat to break Hank Aaron’s homerun record, he was

Good Morning: The Dodgers and Diamondbacks Threw Down Last Night


A massive brawl broke out between the LA Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks after Dodgers P Zack Greinke was hit in the head by a pitch. Check out Don Mattingly throw someone down. There are more pics and gifs

Good Morning: Paul Pierce Doesn’t Expect To Be A Celtic Anymore


Tony Parker and Tim Duncan are more than happy for people to get caught up in the upstart Warriors, and the impressive shooting of young Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. But these grizzled vets aren&

Black People Shouldn’t Waste Jackie Robinson’s Legacy


There’s one hope for the Jackie Robinson biopic 42.

And it’s more than just the hope that it opens No. 1 at the box office after its nationwide release on Friday.

Although that would be cool, it’s bigg

The Weekend In Tweets 3.25.13


I don’t know how Twitter survived the weekend without crashing. Florida Gulf Coast had a weekend-long infomercial on national TV, becoming the first 15-seed in history to make the Sweet 16. Gonzaga set back mid-majors with a tough loss, and

Why The World Baseball Classic Absolutely Matters


The World Baseball Classic is going on, and once again, it doesn’t mean jack to Americans. In Latin America, Japan and upstart countries like Italy a